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Careers at Scuderia South Africa


Individual & Team

Our individual people are our strongest asset and can reach excellency only when working together as a team, with strong communication, sharing and improving together for best results. We all have a strong sense of belonging, love the challenge and seek continuous improvement together, daily, for the success of our organization.

Emotion & Integrity

We live our company with enthusiasm, with a strong sense of pride and with emotion: Ferrari is lived with the heart. Everyday challenges remind us that we are part of a unique and extraordinary reality. Aware of belonging to a unique organization, globally known and appreciated, we are committed to ensure the utmost professional, respectful and exemplary behaviour. We engage to guarantee a sustainable future.

Tradition & Innovation

Representing a reality where tradition and innovation are constant drivers for renewal of the Ferrari legend.

Our company history, our region and our multicultural environment drives our ability to search solutions with leading edge technology and our ability to combine tradition of craftsmanship with a “human dimension”.
Our tradition is INNOVATION.

Passion & Excellence

For us passion means working “with your heart” as well as with your head. Working smartly with a passion that pays full attention to detail, working with enthusiasm to reach our ambitious objectives, and working to guarantee utmost client satisfaction.

Striving for excellence means following the world with attention and with an open mind to enrich our competences.

Job Opportunities

Working for Ferrari means showing team spirit, a love of challenges and passion for achieving common goals.

This is what has distinguished the people who have made our company famous over the course of its history, and it is also what we are looking for today in anyone who wants to join us.

If you are ready to make a difference, please look at the job offers or send us your spontaneous application to:


We currently do not have any vacancies available but be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages or alternatively drop us a mail with your details!

The Pursuit of Excellence

Scuderia South Africa: Internship Program

Johannesburg, 24 January 2018- Scuderia South Africa, the official Ferrari dealer proudly announces their 2018 Internship Program. This is the company's second program since its launch in June 2017.

During the duration of the project Scuderia South Africa afforded three young, dynamic interns the opportunity to undertake a comprehensive six-month internship in company's sales, marketing and aftersales departments.

Given the successful outcome of last year’s program, the decision was made to relaunch the operation again in 2018. “As demonstrated in the 2017 program, interns provide raw talent that can be shaped into targeted and focused employees who can make a long term contribution to the development of the company. These interns can jump-start their careers through such programs and have the opportunity to gain greater responsibility, whilst also building a firm base of contacts and experience as well as gain specialized training during the course of the program” says Jan Ungerer, COO of Scuderia South Africa.

In 2018, Scuderia South Africa will afford a final two individuals the opportunity to undertake an even more comprehensive twelve month internship at the Official Ferrari dealer. Young, ambitious and passionate individuals will be given the opportunity to learn and engage with the brand at an operational level. The platform also offers a valuable opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the holistic business model and contribute to assisting the relevant departments on various different tasks and assignements.

Gauteng based applicants aged between 18-25 years have the opportunity to apply for the anticipated internship through South Africa’s official social media pages. To apply, users are requested to post a recent photo of themsleves next to their favourite Ferrari explaining why they feel they are the perfect candidate in 200 words or less.

Aspirants from across the province can apply online using the hashtag #ThePursuitOfExcellence in the hope of qualifying to the next level.Ten of the top applicants will be selected to commence to the interview process.

“The 2017 Internship Program pioneered a new venture in our business, a new era for Scuderia South Africa that we look forward to continuing and innovating through for the years to come. It is truly rewarding to be able to empower and support passionate, hardworking and determined individuals as they take the first step in advancing their careers. We wish all the applicants the best of luck!” adds Chanelle Zackey, National Marketing Manager at Scuderia South Africa.

The Pursuit of Excellence has always been a purpose for Ferrari, this is displayed through unrivaled machinery developed at the Home of Ferrari in Maranello, innovation and excellence in their Formula One team, Scuderia Ferrari and an unending expression of passion through the years since their inception in 1947.

The 2018 Internship program is scheduled to commence at Scuderia Johannesburg on the 5 March 2018 to ultimately fulfill the program objective- the pursuit of excellence.

Follow the Scuderia South Africa social media pages for all future updates.

Facebook: Scuderia South Africa

Instagram: @scuderiaferrariza

Twitter: @FerrariZA